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Refer a Puppy Owner

Before your puppy owners collect their new puppy, you can refer them to the TINY PAWS Puppy Club by Pets & Friends.

It is quick and easy to refer your puppy owners to TINY PAWS:

  1. Send your puppy owners the TINY PAWS sign-up form
  2. Your puppy owners will complete the sign-up form to join the TINY PAWS Puppy Club.
  3. Remind your puppy owners to enter your name and email address so we can reward you for the referral!

Remember! It is best to refer to your puppy owners before they collect their puppy, so they can use their benefits and discounts on Wellness CORE Food and all other puppy essentials ready for when they take their puppy home.


    Tell your puppy owners to sign-up TINY PAWS today.