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The Puppy Diaries: Maisey and her Primavera Pointer Puppies!

🌸 Welcome to the Puppy Diaries 🌸

Our wonderful ambassador, Amelia Siddle and her beautiful Pointer, Maisey, are expecting a litter! 

She's due to give birth very soon and we can't wait to share her progress with you all!

All about Maisey


"Maisey (Sh Ch Wilchrimane Snapple) never really had a hard campaign, but she attained her title with relative ease before being retired from the show ring to spend more time on the beach, and putting all of her efforts into catching squirrels; the latter of which she fails at abysmally.

Maisey is the sweetest natured gentle soul, she adores all people and children and rarely gets out of neutral. Her extra curricular activities, shockingly - closely resemble mine, so she spends a lot of time swimming, walking, and beaching! 

In 2020, alongside two of her kennel mates, she featured in the Ralph Lauren Autumn/Winter campaign. This is her first litter, but we are hopeful she will take to motherhood like a duck to water."

-  Amelia Siddle


Maisey is primarily a Wellness CORE Adult Ocean Salmon & Tuna dog, but since falling pregnant, she's now being fed the Wellness CORE Active Life to help keep her nutrients up. She'll remain on this food for the duration of her pregnancy and whilst she's nursing her puppies. 

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24th May 2024

We have puppies!

Maisey gave birth on the 15th May via c-section, a total of 14 healthy puppies were born and Maisey has recovered well. As hoped by Amelia, she adores her new family and is a wonderful mum.

We'll have photos of the pups soon, stay tuned! 


 18th June 2024

"Four weeks - how did that happen? My life for the past twenty-eight days has been consumed by sleepless nights and topping up the litter to make life slightly easier for Maisey. Fourteen is a huge number and whilst she is a wonderful mum; a little help never goes amiss.

We began weaning the crew onto Wellness CORE Puppy Large Breed once they were ready, they took to solid food like ducks to water which is always pleasant, even if they do more in the way of surfing through it, and wearing it rather than eating it initially- but, we get there. They are growing like weeds now - wandering around like fourteen little hooligans who have had one too many before closing time.

I love this age - they are starting to develop their personalities and although they tend to see me as a giant, walking milk bottle; it’s always rewarding to see your hard work has paid off when they are becoming little people who recognise that you bring something to the table for them - both literally and metaphorically, pure human gratification at it’s finest but we, like all breeders put our hearts and souls into our litters so to see them thriving is heartwarming.

All their blobs of nail varnishes on their little butts are long gone - we always use this method to distinguish pups from one another - orange/lemon and white Pointers are born white - bigger patches are there to be seen, but more often than not they are quite faint so  blobbing nail varnish on we find makes life slightly easier for late night checks until markings come through a little stronger.

Some breeders use collars to identify their puppies; this isn’t something we have ever done - I prefer to poach nail varnishes off of my poor, unsuspecting friends when it becomes apparent that I have a penchant for pink and nude colours only.

252 nails is, so many."

It's so lovely to see these pups thrive! It's crucial after the weening stage that they get the right nutrition and feeding Wellness CORE Puppy Original is the first step.

Our puppy foods cater to both small and large breeds, both containing higher quality proteins and wholesome grain free carbohydrates to deliver a balanced diet full of the nutrients your puppy needs for their best start in life. Each recipe is crafted with antioxidants to support strong immune systems, balanced nutrients for optimal energy and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) puppies need for healthy brain development.

For these beautiful puppies, being fed Wellness CORE Large Breed Puppy Original is formulated to nutritionally support balanced muscular and skeletal development of large breed puppies. Specially adjusted levels of calcium and phosphorus combined with a perfect balance of ingredients help facilitate the management of growth that is critical for the proper development of large breed puppies.

Protein, fat, carbohydrates, and calories are perfectly balanced to supply a large breed puppy with the energy and nutrition to ensure that a large breed puppy will grow to their fullest potential for a best start in life.

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