Join our Wellness CORE UK Breeder Programme Today!


Please Note: This is only a guide and for specific advise relative to your dog we would always recommend veterinary advise only


I have a question about the Breeder Programme sign up process

For any questions you have regarding our sign-up process, you can contact us in any of the following ways. call us on 0115 939 9077/ 07495 099 808 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri), live chat on our Breeder Programme page (9am-5pm Mon-Fri) or email us at any time at


How do I qualify for the Breeder Programme?

To qualify for our Breeder Programme you must be Kennel Club Registered and provide scanned copies to via email or post.


Do I have to be KC (Kennel Club) Registered to sign up?

In order for us to ensure we are rewarding responsible breeders via our Breeder Programme, all breeders will have to be KC registered to sign up. 

Are you not yet registered with the Kennel Club? You can register here.


How do I let you know I am expecting a litter?

To inform us of your Litter we ask that you do fill in our ‘Register a New Litter’ Form on our website. You can find the form by clicking here.


Do you have a food I can feed my breeding bitch when expecting?

Wellness CORE active life is recommended for pregnant or lactating bitches to stay strong and take best care of their puppies.

All our recipes are packed with high quality animal protein, along with a unique blend of wholesome vegetables and super foods, botanicals and nutritional supplements, leaving out fillers and grains. Furthermore Wellness CORE Active Life supports their additional energy needs thanks to the combination of high quality proteins and a higher fat content. This enables them to build strong, lean muscles and keeps them to thrive from the core any time.


What can I give the puppies during the weaning period?

During the weaning period we advise that you add water to the dry puppy food in order to create a paste like substance. 


When will the dry puppy food arrive for my litter?

We will usually ensure the food gets to yourself no later than 2 weeks after the puppies have been born. We ask you to fill in the Register a New Litter form and we will be in touch from there.


What support will I receive?

We will have a dedicated support team on hand for you whenever you need us. The support team are contactable via phone (0115 939 9077), email ( or on our live chat.

You will also receive Breeder and Puppy Welcome Packs that will have all relevant information with an exclusive discount code for you and your puppy owners to use.


What is included in the Puppy Welcome Pack?

In our CORE Puppy Welcome Pack you will receive a bag of CORE (1.5kg-2.75kg flavour dependant), a branded CORE bag, a can of our NEW Wet Puppy Food and nutritional leaflets, as well as a step-by-step guide for your new puppy owner.



How do the new puppy owners receive a discount?

In your Puppy Welcome Packs that will passed on when you get your new puppy, you will receive a bespoke discount code that will entitle new puppy owners 15% off RRP on Wellness CORE products. The discount code will need to be used every time on check-out to receive a discount. 


How do I ensure I receive the credit I have earned as a breeder?

Your unique membership number which you receive as a breeder and part of our programme is linked to the bespoke discount code of your new puppy owners. All your new puppy owner(s) have to do is use their code for every purchase (in store or online). If the code is not used against their purchase, unfortunately this will not go against your credit.