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  • Dental Care for Dogs

    WHY IS DENTAL CARE IMPORTANT TO A DOGS’S HEALTH & WELLBEING? Lack of dental care can lead to dental disease. Dental disease is a very common a...
  • Dog Grooming and Coat Care

    The Importance of Coat Care: A major part of determining good health and condition is shown through the dog’s skin and coat. As breeders of show d...
  • Why Feed Your Dog a Grain-Free Diet?

    Choosing the right food for your dog is one of the most important things you can do for their health. Feeding them healthy, nutritious food will give them a longer, happier life with far fewer health complications.
  • Wellness CORE Launch New Lamb Recipe; Ideal for Optimal Digestion

    When it comes to nutrition, recent studies have shown that optimal digestion ranks in the top ten most important qualities that pet parents look fo...
  • Feature Friday!

    We are delighted to introduce our new feature to the website on our blog - Feature Friday! This is where we will share feedback we have received, i...
  • Our First UK Wellness CORE Ambassador!

    We are delighted to have over 120 family members join the UK CORE breeder family & announce the exciting news that Margaret Anderson has now joined as a proud UK CORE Ambassador!