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A Special Christmas Dinner Treat

Christmas can be such a magical time - parties, presents and... FOOD!

Most of us love to over-indulge at Christmas and it might be tempting to give your pet Christmas goodies and table scraps. But much to your pet’s disappointment, you should avoid doing this as they may contain ingredients that aren’t good for them and can upset their tummies!

Fortunately, there’s a healthy alternative that will mean your pet can have a Christmas dinner, and even better, an option that will keep them occupied whilst you eat yours... Try the NEW WHIMZEES Antler stuffed with CORE 95% Wet Cans

How to make your dog's Christmas Dinner Treat

Step 1: Take the Whimzees Antler & Wellness CORE 95% Turkey & Kale Can

Step 2: Fill the Whimzees Antler with the Wellness CORE 95% Turkey & Kale

Step 3: In sight of the table, give to your dog to enjoy whilst you eat your dinner

Extra tip: For an even longer lasting treat, put this treat in the freezer for at least 2 hours!

 The Perfect Christmas Treat! 

WHIMZEES by Wellness Antler

  • Long lasting chew time
  • Supports oral health*
  • With a limited number of ingredients
  • Infused with natural camomile
  • Value bags available in Small, Medium & Large

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*When chewed daily. Freshens Breath – Supports Healthy Gums – Reduces Tartar – Reduces Plaque

CORE 95% Turkey & Kale 400g Can

  • Made with 95% single animal protein: Turkey
  • Natural, complete and balanced
  • Limited ingredients
  • Grain free goodness

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