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CORE Breeder Programme – Terms & Conditions

All UK Wellness CORE Breeder Programme applicants agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  1. To be eligible to join the programme, breeders must have at least 1 breeding bitch and breed at least 1 litter per annum.
  2. The breeder must be registered and maintain their registration with the KC or IKC. Proof of registration will be required before placing an order.
  3. Breeders must be resident in the UK or ROI and aged 18 years or over.
  4. The breeder must complete the online registration form to apply to join the Wellness CORE Breeder Programme. The registration form can be found here.
  5. Breeders must not breed from a bitch under 12 months or over 8 years of age.
  6. Breeders must not whelp more than 4 litters from the same bitch or whelp more than two litters in a 12-month period from the same bitch.
  7. The breeder should advise us of all new litters within 7 weeks of birth using the Register a Litterform found on the breeder website.
  8. The breeder must be feeding the puppies Wellness CORE Puppy food or Active Life and have placed at least 1 order in 3 months to qualify for Puppy Packs.
  9. Breeders should recommend Wellness CORE exclusively to puppy owners and recommend purchasing CORE via the Pets & Friends We will provide each new puppy owner with a Pets and Friends New Puppy Welcome Guide.
  10. Breeders must get consent from puppy owners to share their details with the CORE Breeder Programme/Pets and Friends. Puppy Packs will not be despatched to the breeder until the New Puppy Owner Form has been completed in full and submitted, and consensus has been obtained for each requested puppy pack.
  11. Puppy Packs must be passed to the new puppy owner and are not to be used or re-sold by the Breeder.
  12. The breeder will receive a guaranteed minimum 15% saving from RRP on all purchases via the CORE Breeder Programme.
  13. Orders over 30kg will qualify for free delivery. For all orders not meeting this requirement, a £4.95 shipping fee will be applied. All orders have a standard 3-5 working day delivery period.
  14. Products purchased by the breeder via the CORE Breeder Programme is not for re-sale by the breeder, unless agreed in writing by the CORE Breeder Programme.
  15. For all new puppy owners that the breeder signs up to a Pets & FriendsSubscription, the breeder will receive:
    a) A one-off £10 credit when the puppy owner signs up to a Pets & Friends Subscription.
    b) A credit of 3% of the value of every purchase made by the new puppy owner for the lifetime of their enrolment in the Pets & Friends Subscription .
    c) Credits will be provided as a gift card and can only be redeemed against CORE Breeder Programme purchases.
    d) Credits will be processed and communicated every three months.
  16. CORE Breeder Programme reserve the right to suspend or terminate the membership of the breeder at any time.
  17. CORE Breeder Programme reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at its discretion at any time and without prior notice.