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Wellness CORE Puppy Packs

As a member of the Wellness CORE Breeder Family, you are able to apply for FREE Wellness CORE Puppy Packs to hand over to your new puppy owners.

Whats included in Wellness CORE Puppy Packs?

In our CORE Puppy Welcome Pack, you will receive a bag of CORE (1.5kg-2.75kg breed size dependent), a branded CORE bag, a can of our wet puppy food and nutritional leaflets. It also includes a Pets and Friends Welcome Guide for your new puppy owner which should help your puppies settled in.

And... coming soon, an information leaflet about the NEW Puppy Club for your puppy owners, TINY PAWS Puppy Club by Pets & Friends.

How do members qualify for FREE Puppy Packs?

Before applying for Puppy Packs, please ensure you read, understand and agree with our full Terms & Conditions regarding Puppy Packs.

To qualify for FREE Puppy Packs you will need to meet the following criteria:

  1. You must be feeding your puppies Wellness CORE Puppy food or Active Life.
  2. You must have placed at least 1 order of Wellness CORE Puppy food or Active Life with the CORE Breeder Programme in the last 3 months.
  3. You must have been an approved member of the CORE Breeder Programme for a minimum of 1 month.

How can members apply for FREE Puppy Packs?

Puppy Packs are available to purchase from the Wellness CORE Breeder website. 

However, as a benefit of being a member of the Wellness CORE Breeder Programme, you can Register your Litter for a 100% OFF code!

Before you register your litter for your FREE Puppy Packs, please make sure you qualify (see above).

It is quick and easy to apply for your 100% OFF code. Follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the Register a Litter Form, notifying us of your new litter.
  2. Once completed, check your emails for your code (allow up to 5 working days).
  3. Add your puppy packs to the basket and apply the 100% OFF code at check-out.

It is best to complete the Register a Litter Form as early as possible so we can ensure you receive your Puppy Packs in time for your puppy’s collection date.

Please note, it can take up to 5 working days to receive your code. Additionally, allow 3-5 working days for delivery.

What should members do next?

Before your puppy owners collect their new puppy, you can refer them to the TINY PAWS Puppy Club by Pets & Friends.

It is quick and easy to refer your puppy owners to TINY PAWS:

  1. Send your puppy owners the TINY PAWS Sign-up Form at
  2. Your puppy owners will complete the Sign-up Form to join the TINY PAWS Puppy Club
  3. Remind your puppy owners to enter your name and email address so we can reward you for the referral!

Remember! It is best to refer to your puppy owners before they collect their puppy, so they can use their benefits and discounts on Wellness CORE Food and all other puppy essentials ready for when they take their puppy home.

Why should Puppy Owners join TINY PAWS Puppy Club?

Pets & Friends want to help your new puppy owners make their puppy’s first stages as smooth and easy as possible. As a member of TINY PAWS, your puppy owners will enjoy free tailored advice, tips, and life stage guidance from the Pets & Friends pet experts delivered directly to their inbox.

AND, as Puppies can be expensive little thing, as a TINY PAWS club member your puppy owners will receive a CORE Puppy Pack welcome bundle packed full of goodies given by you, money off their shopping, as well as regular savings and exclusive offers on everything they will need. All our exclusive member offers are tailored specifically to their new addition, that’s why we ask for a few details when they register their puppy, so Pets & Friends can make sure they get the right advice, the right information, the right discounts and offers, at exactly the right time.  

TINY PAWS member benefits include:

  • CORE Puppy Pack (given by you, the breeder)
  • Money off your shopping for your new family member
  • Exclusive TINY PAWS membership discounts
  • Expert advice and support direct to your inbox
  • Nutritional plan personalised to your pet
  • Pets Parlour grooming rewards and grooming offers
  • Birthday gift
  • Bonus Pet Points
  • Puppy training advice and offers

 Tell your puppy owners to sign-up TINY PAWS today.

What rewards can CORE Breeder members earn?

As mentioned, your puppy owner can enter your details on the sign-up form (your name and email address). 

When your puppy owners make their first purchase through the TINY PAWS Puppy Club at Pets & Friends, we will give you a one-off £5 voucher* which you can redeem against your CORE purchases at

Your rewards will be sent to you by the breeder team at the start of each financial quarter, to allow your rewards to build up.

*Terms & Conditions apply


For any questions regarding Puppy Packs or TINY PAWS, contact the CORE Breeder Team at