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Your cat’s well-being starts from the CORE

Finding the right food for picky cats can be frustrating. At Wellness CORE, we make sure that every recipe focuses on delivering both whole body health and a taste every cat will love.

With a range of protein-rich recipes and multiple wet flavours, you will keep mealtime tasty & tender, savoury, saucy and so very fresh. A guarantee to find a recipe for every cat even for those with picky appetites.

Nutrition crafted for whole body health

The finest fresh, real and wholesome ingredients

Every Wellness CORE recipe is crafted the right way and never the easy way. That is why you will see only the finest quality natural ingredients carefully selected to deliver premium complete & balanced nutrition for your cat.

Fresh meat first, rich in meat proteins

With high protein, meat rich recipes, Wellness CORE delivers all the essential amino acids cats need for optimal energy, increased lean muscle mass, healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat and best of all, a taste they will love!

Decreased carbohydrates & filler free

In addition to every recipe being grain free, Wellness CORE is different to other brands with a reduction in the total amount of carbohydrates in every bag. This ensures your cat will get more of the good stuff and no fillers.

Moderate fat levels for sustained activity and trim waistlines

With moderate fat levels, Wellness CORE helps ensure cats have the energy and vitality to play without excess calories to help minimise any unwanted weight gain to help maintain a healthy lean body condition.

Using scientifically proven health benefits

Skin & coat

Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids from full fat linseed & salmon oil combined with essential vitamins & minerals (zinc, vitamin E) to help promote healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat.

Digestive health 

Dietary fibre, prebiotics and probiotics with added essential minerals support optimal digestive health and help promote regular, firm stools in the litter box.

Eyes, teeth & gums 

Vitamin A, Calcium, Phosphorus & Magnesium are essential for good sensory health.

Hairball control

Our dry food has an increased level of dietary fibre and omega fatty acids to support hairball control.


With added vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support a cat's immune health to keep their natural defenses strong.

Our dry cat grain-free nutrition


Everything your kitten needs for a great start in life. With DHA to support brain and eye development and added vitamins and antioxidants for immune health.

Adult Original

Supports optimal energy and lean body with high-quality chicken and turkey proteins.

Adult Ocean

Supports healthy skin & shiny coat with high quality fish only proteins and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids from salmon oil.

Sterilised Adult Original & Adult Ocean

Developed to support adult cats that have a tendency to gain weight or need to lose weight. Also a perfect fit for indoor cats or those who are less active.

NEW! Purely Pate

With a smooth paté texture cats love and the protein-packed flavor they crave, our Wellness CORE Purely Paté recipes will definitely be a hit with even the finickiest of felines! 

Available in 4 tasty adult recipes & 1 Kitten.

MIX IT UP! Discover the perfect mix to let your cat thrive from the CORE.

Give your cat the variety and nutrition they crave... Add nutrient dense kibble with CORE wet food to create mealtime excitement that aids hydration to support urinary tract health along with fueling optimal well-being and dental health. The best of both worlds!

Wellness CORE Cat is now available from the CORE Breeders website for our CORE Breeder Family who might also have a pet cat.

The Wellness CORE Breeder Programme is currently only available for dog breeders. 

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