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June Puppy Feature

Welcome to the Puppy Feature!

Here is where we feature our lovely members and their recent litters. We also want to spotlight our breeders and why the breed they have is their breed of choice.

Hannah Hollis - Rottweilers - Belvoirvale

"Harley , the puppies mum, is one of two of our treasured family Rottweilers. Harley is the embodiment of loyalty and strength, always watchful and ready to protect her loved ones. Her gentle and affectionate nature shines through in her warm interactions, making her a beloved companion to all. Harley's intelligence and eagerness to learn is evident in her quick responses and playful spirit. Whether she's enjoying a game in the garden or offering a comforting presence at home, Harley's steadfast devotion and loving personality make her an irreplaceable part of our family. We are truly blessed to have her by our side.

 We chose Rottweilers to join our family as they are renowned for their loyalty, intelligence, and protective instincts, making them wonderful family companions. Our puppies exemplify these qualities, growing into strong and affectionate dogs. With the help of Core dog food, they are thriving with optimal health and vitality, ensuring they become happy and healthy members of a family."


Stacy Steven - Rough Collies - Cambrogan

"I love Rough Collies as they are versatile, every day living dogs who are content with life as long as they are with you - mountain climbing, beach trips and lazy sofa days. As a breed they are extremely loving, clever,  loyal and emotionally intuitive.

I enjoy Munro bagging—the challenge of reaching the summit of Scottish mountains with an elevation of more than 3,000 feet  with my three Rough Collies, Brodie, Bella and Brooke. So far Brodie (9 years old) has completed 83 Munros, while Bella (8 years old) and Brooke (5 years old) have achieved 72 and 52 respectively.

You have to be able to trust the dogs you’re walking with—some of the ascents and descents can be tough, with narrow exposed ridges. 

Brooke competed in agility last year winning into grade 2 in just 3 competitions and within the year had her agility warrant bronze and achieved enough wins to move into grade 3.  

All 3 have achieved their good citizen gold awards!"



         Sarah Malandrino - Golden Retrievers - Altamont

"I grew up with Golden Retrievers and always knew that at some point I’d breed myself. They’re the perfect family pet, suitable for first time owners, loyal, biddable and they just love being with people. The dogs I’ve bred have gone on to become qualified Pets As Therapy dogs and dogs who visit patients in hospitals as well as being a loving member of young families and loyal companion to others. 

The litter I currently have are all happy, inquisitive puppies who love exploring but also love a quiet cuddle. 

Mum (Dot) is on adult ocean, pups are on large breed puppy. All have healthy tums and lovely coats."