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Why Feed Your Dog a Grain-Free Diet?

Choosing the right food for your dog is one of the most important things you can do for their health. Feeding them healthy, nutritious food will give them a longer, happier life with far fewer health complications.

And as with humans, food trends can change for our pets over time too, and in recent years, the motivation to switch your dog to a grain-free recipe has been a health trend that in most cases, has revolutionized the pet food industry.

This has spurred a change not only away from commonly used corn and wheat but also reductions in total carbohydrates, thereby changing the way we can feed our pets to higher protein, moderate fat and lower carbohydrate diets that in effect, helped create the position of grain free, the right way

Why do people choose grain-free?

Whilst clinically the numbers of dogs diagnosed by their veterinarian with a true food allergy is very low, many pet parents worry that scratching, hotspots, and stomach sensitivities can be the side effects of their diet.

Which grain-free option is best?

When it comes to grain-free recipes, it’s important that you choose food which hasn’t just eliminated grains and replaced with other low-quality carbohydrates. All Wellness CORE dog food recipes are grain-free, the right way.

What is grain-free the right way?

By removing grains from the recipe, Wellness CORE animal nutritionists have crafted the ideal balance of protein, whole food carbohydrates and fats to ensure that each recipe provides optimum nutrition for your dog.

Wellness CORE recipes start with the base and then ensure the correct vitamins and minerals are added to the recipes as well as scientifically proven enhancements such as omega fatty acids that, when combined with increased amounts of high quality meat proteins, can make for a lustrous skin and coat.

The amazing benefits of a Wellness CORE diet do not go unnoticed, speak to our ambassadors today over on our dedicated Facebook group for more insight and real-life experiences with the CORE diet.