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The Puppy Diaries: Bambi and her Basset Bambino's Part Three

By Debbie and Malcolm Ellrich, Malrich Basset Hounds


The puppies are 7 weeks old and we’re getting ready to send them to their new homes!

We have increased the amount of Wellness CORE Puppy Original to 350g per meal between all 11 of them and, we’re feeding this amount 4 times a day. We still use water to make the kibble into a paste and, we feed them using three dishes so that everyone can get in!

As for milk, Bambi is now only going in once every other day as her milk is drying up... however, we feed the little one and two others separately so they don’t get pushed out by the bigger ones.

For the past month, we have started to get the puppies familiar with the world around them in a positive way by introducing different people and different sounds. Having two young grandchildren visiting often, the puppies are becoming familiar to different ages and sizes of people. We also have a radio playing continually and my husband is keen on mowing the lawn, so they are very used to different sounds… hopefully this will prepare them for noises they are likely to hear in the future.

As we are getting ready for the puppies to leave, some of the new owners have been to visit and choose their puppy… The new owners are so pleased with their choices and, better yet, they puppies that were chosen were happy to be picked up and cuddled by their new owners!

We communicate with all our puppy owners using a Facebook page. Having a Facebook page for all Malrich Basset owners helps our new owners follow the journey and development of their puppy whilst also helping us to keep in touch with puppies from previous litters.

As Bambi and her Basset Bambino’s have been doing so well on CORE, we used the Facebook page to tell the new owners about Wellness CORE.

We will be sending them to their new homes with Wellness CORE Puppy Packs - which includes a sample of CORE dry and wet food... Although they will take home a sample of CORE Puppy Food, we have also posted a link to Wellness CORE on the Pets&Friends website so our new owners have the option to get a supply of Wellness CORE before bringing their new puppy home.


The first puppies are going on the 1st Dec and the last one will leave after Christmas… stick with us for the next stage of their journey!

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