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Creating Puppy Packs for your Puppy Owners

It’s always a busy time when a new litter is born, and we know there are lots of things you need to do before the pups leave for their new homes.  

Once you get the pups through those early days - and you get a chance to breathe - it’s a good idea to start thinking about puppy packs.  

Puppy packs are a great tool to help your new puppies settle into their new family and new homes, especially in those first few days away from mum.  

There are lots of different options to put in your puppy packs, but what you decide to include is completely up to you.  

The good news is, we’re here to take a little bit of pressure off and help you save on the cost of putting together a puppy pack.  

What is a puppy pack? 

Puppy packs provide a great opportunity to give your new owners all the documentation needed for their new puppy, along with advice, from you the expert. 

Puppy packs can differ from breeder to breeder, but generally include things like; 

  • Essential documents (contract of sale, Kennel Club documents etc) 
  • Veterinary information  
  • Breed specific information  
  • Food to get them through the first few nights  
  • Advice on how to care for your new puppy  

Other optional items can include toys, blankets, bowls and treats.  

Why include food in your puppy packs? 

There are lots of new things the pup will encounter in their new home, and it might take a few nights for them to adjust to their new environment, but at least one thing that can be kept the same is their food.  

Nutrition is extremely important in giving a puppy the best start in life, and that’s why we do not compromise on nutrition. Wellness CORE Puppy recipes are designed by a team of animal nutritionists along with veterinary specialists so that they are specifically tailored to meet the needs of puppies. 

Additionally, when a puppy transfers to a new home it can be a stressful situation that may also present as stress diarrhea.  Keeping the puppy on the same is one way to help minimize the chance of those digestive upsets and allow the puppy the best start in their new home.

Why are your recommendations important?  

You are the expert as the breeder, so your recommendations are very important. 

You will be the one of the best resources for your new puppy owners for anything and everything regarding their new puppy, including educating them on the importance of nutrition to the overall wellbeing of your pup throughout their lifetime.  

But you are not alone in this education, we have launched the TINY PAWS Puppy Club with our partners at Pets & Friends to provide ongoing nutritional and training advice from our pet experts to help your new puppy owners through their puppy’s first year of life.  

Find out more about TINY PAWS Puppy Club.

What’s included in Wellness CORE Puppy Packs?  

As a member of the Wellness CORE Breeder Programme, we provide FREE Puppy Packs*, which include a small bag of the food and a can of the wet food to not only continue your puppies on excellent nutrition, but it also provides some continuity that will help to reduce the likelihood of digestive upset to make the transition that little bit easier.

Not only do we want to provide food in the CORE Puppy Packs, but we also want to provide advice and guidance for your puppy owners to use throughout their puppy’s lifetime. 

In our CORE Puppy Welcome Pack, we include; 

  • A bag of CORE (1.5kg-2.75kg breed size dependent) 
  • A can of our wet puppy food 400g 
  • CORE Nutritional leaflets
  • A Pets and Friends Welcome Guide  
    • (A 16-page educational guide designed by our Pet Experts) 
  • TINY PAWS Puppy Club Membership - Sign up details 
  • And… a branded CORE tote bag to put everything in! 

Ordering your Wellness CORE Puppy Packs* 

It can be expensive raising a litter, that’s why we offer FREE Wellness CORE Puppy Packs*, which include food, to help you save on this extra cost, so you don’t have to fund it yourself! 

Find out how to order your FREE Puppy Packs*.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please ensure you read, understand and agree with the T&Cs before applying for puppy packs. 

Optional extras for your puppy packs 

Still want to include more into your puppy packs? Order WHIMZEES Puppy Chews or CORE Puppy Trainers from the CORE Breeder website. 

And… our partners at Pets & Friends have the perfect toys, blankets, and accessories that you can add in if you want to!

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