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The benefits of mixed feeding with Wellness CORE

Feeding only dry dog food has many advantages; it is complete and balanced, readily available, easy to store, with a longer shelf life.

Whereas, wet dog food offers a number of different benefits. From its more intense smell and taste, with enticing textures and a high moisture content, wet food has many fantastic advantages that can make mealtimes engaging.

When combining the both, it can really give your dogs the best of both worlds!

What are the benefits mixed feeding?

While premium natural, complete and balanced kibble (such as Wellness CORE) delivers all the nutrients your dog needs to thrive, when you mix in a wet food it is a great way to significantly improve the texture, taste and smell of your dog’s meal - this in turn will make their bowl more exciting and can strengthen your dog’s excitement about mealtime.

With the new taste, texture and smell, along with the added variety, adding in a wet food is a great option for fussy dogs!

Mixers and toppers can also add a boost of nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals and, it also provides extra hydration from having a higher moisture content (which is especially helpful during the summer months).

What should you look out for when selecting a recipe?

Feed high-quality recipes
Having a variety should not compromise nutrition or predispose your dogs to the risk of digestive upset; make sure to select products from a brand that you know and trust.

Select appropriate life-stage, breed size and lifestyle recipes
Whether they are puppy or senior, small or giant, active or inactive, these are all unique dogs that require customized nutrition. When selecting a wet food, make sure you choose one with a similar breed size, life-stage or lifestyle as your dry food, so that your dogs will get nutrition tailored for them.

Why choose Wellness CORE dry and wet food to mix feed?

Wellness CORE is committed to delivering the highest quality all-natural recipes for dogs throughout all recipes, wet, dry and treats. Following this philosophy, you can be reassured that you are feeding the very best, whether it’s dry, wet or combined.

Wellness CORE recipes will never contain:

  • Artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Grains such as corn or wheat
  • By-products
  • Unnamed meat proteins
  • Unnecessary fillers

What Wellness CORE wet recipes are available?

Every dog is different, they not only have different nutritional needs but personal preferences as well.
Wellness CORE has a selection of recipes in dry, wet and treats that are designed to meet the different nutritional needs of dogs whilst also offering enough variety for rotation.

Wellness CORE 95% Cans (400g)

  • Wellness CORE 95% wet cans provide a natural, complete & balanced meal.
  • Made with 95% of either a single source or duo source animal protein.
  • Grain free.
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals.
  • Perfect for sensitive dogs.
  • Recipes for both puppy and adult dogs.


Wellness CORE Savoury Medleys (85g)

  • Wellness CORE Small Breed Savoury Medleys are specially created for small breed adult dogs.
  • Delicious taste and exciting textures
  • A variety of mouth-watering cuts of meat and wholesome veggies you can see!



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How should you mix Wellness CORE dry & wet recipes?

Whether you choose to feed 90:10, 70:30 or 50:50, there is no exact ratio needed when feeding your dogs a mix of wet and dry food.

However, it is very important to pay attention to feeding guidelines when adding a mixer or topper to prevent overfeeding.
Wet food contains considerably less calories per gram than dry kibble, so you will not be able to swap-out a gram of kibble for a gram of wet food.

But fortunately, Wellness CORE recipe has recommended feeding guidelines for mixed feeding to make it easier!

For example, if you are feeding Wellness CORE Puppy Original for Small – Medium Breeds dry food with wet food, you will need to reduce the dry kibble by 37 grams for every 170 grams of wet food.

The recommended feeding guidelines are provided on the back of each Wellness CORE recipe and also in the product description of the CORE Breeders website.

Is there any further advice needed for mixed feeding?

1. Consult with your veterinarian
Some dogs have specific nutritional needs, check with your vet to ensure you are feeding the right food for your dog.

2. Introduce the new food gradually
As with all new food, we recommend gradually introducing the new recipe to your dog’s diet to allow your dog’s digestive tract to adjust. Start with a small amount of the new product and increase until your preferred mix by day 7.

3. Don’t leave wet food out or sitting in the bowl.
Wet food can easily spoil, particularly in warm weather so do not leave it out at room temperature for an extended period of time

4. And lastly, always make sure plenty of fresh water is available.

For any questions on mixed feeding with Wellness CORE, contact our breeder team today.