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NEW! Wellness CORE Reward+ Treats

At Wellness CORE, supporting a dog’s wellbeing is at the core of every recipe and with the NEW Wellness CORE Reward+ Treats range, you can now give a high protein treat for a taste dogs love but one with an added health benefit to promote true wellbeing.

With 4 delicious natural and grain free recipes;

1. Wellness CORE Reward+ Digestion
A krill-based recipe with Aniseed & Fenugreek, a tasty, delicious reward which also helps promote a healthy gut & digestion. 

2. Wellness CORE Reward+ Mobility
A turkey-based recipe with glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate supporting optimal hip & joint health. 

3. Wellness CORE Reward+ Skin & Coat
A salmon-based recipe fuelled with ingredients beneficial to skin & coat, such as omega 3 & 6 from salmon oil. 

4. Wellness CORE Reward+ Calming
A duck-based recipe with Passionflower & Camomile, this tasty reward gives dogs not just a delicious reward, but also helps reduce stress and anxiety and promote calmer behaviour for dogs. 

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