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WHIMZEES® Antlers, are the newest and exciting occupy treat for dogs. Made with limited, all-natural ingredients, these rawhide-free treats contain an added infusion of chamomile, to give dogs a treat that takes time to chew, but one that tastes great too.

With a unique antler-shaped design, Antlers are crafted to be slightly more difficult to hold and chew and harder for them to sink their teeth into first go. Delivering this unique and healthy chewing challenge, Antlers will keep dogs occupied for long periods of time and with this long chewing time, Antlers can also help keep dogs mentally engaged to promote calm behavior and mental enrichment that helps keep them happy.

Best of all, while they are chewing for their mental enrichment the benefits don’t stop there. With every bite, dogs will also be doing a great job cleaning their teeth. Each WHIMZEES by Wellness treat helps reduce plaque and tartar, promotes gum health, and freshens doggie breath.

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