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Recipes for Small Breeds

Adult Dogs under 10kg

As experienced breeders, you will understand that the nutritional requirements of small breeds are very different to larger dogs so it’s important to consider these when choosing the right food.


Small Breeds have a higher energy need per kg than that of the larger breeds which needs to be considered when selecting a food.

They are also more predisposed to common health issues such as dental disease and obesity, both of which are a direct result of what we feed them.

Selecting a nutrition that is tailored to their unique needs is one of the best ways to ensure that every small breed dog enjoys a lifetime of wellbeing.

Wellness CORE Small Breed recipes are designed to support the unique requirements of small breed dogs that weigh 10kg or less.

Every Wellness CORE Small Breed dry recipe is scientifically crafted with smaller, crunchy kibble to suit their small mouths and to help reduce plaque build-up.

Each CORE Small Breed is crafted with higher meat protein and fats to deliver a tasty recipe that even the fussiest dog loves, and also packs in more calories per bite that will help to fuel their active lives and match their increased metabolic needs.

Wellness CORE dry recipes that are specifically tailored for Small Breeds:

- Wellness CORE Small Breed Adult Original Chicken and Turkey

- Wellness CORE Small Breed Adult Ocean Salmon and Tuna

- Wellness CORE Small Breed Adult Low Fat


Wellness CORE also a range of wet recipes for Small Breeds which offer a number of different benefits. The CORE Savoury medleys provide a more intense smell and taste in a convenient serving size. With enticing textures and a high moisture content, wet food has many fantastic advantages that can make mealtimes engaging.

Wellness CORE wet recipes that are specifically tailored for Small Breeds:

- Wellness CORE Small Breed Adult Savoury Medley Farmers Variety Pack: Tender Chicken with Turkey & Braised Lamb with Venison

 - Wellness CORE Small Breed Adult Savoury Medley Butchers Variety Pack: Roast Chicken with Duck & Roast Chicken with Beef


Tips for Small Breed Dogs

  1. Monitor how much you feed - it's easy to overfeed without noticing. Make sure to follow the feeding guides and adjust where necessary.
  2. Watch their weight - Just a half a pound weight gain can represent a significant issue, switch to the Wellness CORE Small Breed Low Fat recipe which is perfectly crafted with lowered fat and calories to help trim them down.
  3. Create a daily dental care routine - although the smaller, crunchier kibble will contribute to their dental care, include brushing their teeth or giving an appropriate dental chew treat like WHIMZEES Daily Dental Treats to keep their teeth pearly white.



Try a Wellness CORE dry recipe that is tailored to meet the needs of All Breeds:

- Wellness CORE Adult Lamb

- Wellness CORE Active Life

     If you have any questions about Wellness CORE recipes and tailored advice for your breed, contact our team at